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Now that you have your Tiltaway Bed installed, here are a few tips so you have years of good use. You can pop back to this page at anytime to check any concerns regarding use and maintenance.

If you have any doubts or questions please call our team on 0800 789 780. We will be happy help you with your enquiry.


  • Your Tiltaway Bed is complex piece of cabinetry, it is not a toy. It has been designed to be used by adults.
  • Any required maintenance should be carried out by a Tiltaway Beds Technician or under their guidance. You should not attempt to remove parts or replace parts prior to talking with one of our trained Technicians. Doing so may result in injury.
  • Your Tiltaway Bed should only be removed from the wall or unassembled by a Tiltaway Beds Technician or under their guidance. You should not attempt to remove your bed from the wall or disassemble it prior to talking with one of our trained Technicians. Doing so may result in injury.
  • We strongly advise against storing items on top of your Tiltaway Bed. Heavy items may cause your cabinetry to warp overtime and can become a hazard when you are trying to retrieve them.
  • Your Tiltaway Bed is designed for sleeping on. Do not stand or jump on your Tiltaway Bed as this may cause damage to the Face of the Bed.
  • Do not attempt to remove the mattress without assistance as the bed is very highly sprung and may suddenly close. Please refer to instructions below in 'Cleaning and Changing Linen'.
  • If your Tiltaway Bed feels heavier than usual, or you find it coming down too quickly when you open it or it is difficult to lift when closing contact us immediately on 0800 789 780 or Your bed may require respringing. Either leave your bed down or tape it closed so it doesn't suddenly fall open which may result in injury.


Tiltaway beds have been designed to be safe, easy to use and to provide a superior sleep option.

All Tiltaway beds have a finger-tip balanced spring mechanism which ensures they are as light as a feather - whether dropping down into sleep position or returning the bed into the cabinet.

If your bed ever feels heavy to lift or pulls down quickly, this is a sign that your bed requires servicing. Please contact us immediately on 0800 789 780 or email


Take hold of the cabinet handle and gently pull the bed in a downwards motion towards you while walking backwards.

As the bed is spring balanced to work with your mattress there is no need to worry about the bed falling down. It will glide down in an easy controlled manner.

WARNING: As with any doors and cabinetry be mindful of your own fingers or others fingers that may be positioned near the sides of the cabinetry and could become jammed.


Once you have the bed down to a comfortable height, approx waist height, stop and hold the MIDDLE of the bar joining the legs.

Pull this bar towards you then down and back so that the legs have rotated around as far as they can go and the rubber feet are in a downwards position to support the end of the bed

Ensure fingers are clear of where the legs attach to the rails ON BOTH SIDES when pulling the legs over.


Gently drop the bed right the way down so that it is in position to be used.

The bed can now be made up for sleep - see section of Cleaning and Changing Linen.

With the sheets and blankets fully tucked in the bed can be returned to the cabinet made up.

We recommend removing pillows and loose objects off the bed before closing as they can move and become lodged in the mechanism which may lead to jamming.


As the bed is spring balanced there is no heavy lifting involved. These next steps are so light you should be able to control them with your finger tips.

As with any bending over we do recommend you bend at the knees and follow good lifting practices.

Take hold of the end of the bed and lift to a comfortable height, approx waist height.


When the bed is at waist height hold the MIDDLE of the bar connecting the legs.

Pull this bar back towards you, then up and over as far as it will go. The bar should now be clamping down on the mattress - this will help keep any bedding in place that has been left on the bed.

As with taking the bed down, please make sure fingers are away from the area where the legs are joined to the rails ON BOTH SIDES.


Once the legs have been returned to storage position gently glide the bed back up into a closed position.

The mechanism is designed so the bed glides gently up and will not suddenly ‘snap’ shut.

WARNING: Please be cautious of your own and other’s fingers when closing the bed up as the process involved is comparable to gently closing a door.


To fully clean the bed, or change linen, it may be necessary to move the mattress. We recommend the following steps.


With the Bed in a fully down open position stand at the end of the bed and place the middle to the toe section of your foot on the bar which connects the legs. DO NOT use the heel section of your foot as you risk your foot slipping right through.

This requires just enough downward pressure/weight so that when you move the mattress the Bed does not try to automatically close.


Grip the top seam edge of the mattress and lift it up while pulling it towards you.

Pull it back towards you until approx 1/3 of the bed face is exposed at the wall end of the bed.


You can now guide the mattress back down and the weight of the mattress will hold the bed open. Release your foot from the leg bar.

WARNING: Make sure the mattress will not fully slip off the bed. If this happens the bed may close without warning.


You will now have access to the back area of the bed to clean.

To limit bending Linen can be changed in the same manner.


You can clean marks off your melamine cabinetry off using a mix of water and a gentle soap.

Make sure to throughly dry your cabinetry after cleaning it with a dry microfibre cloth.

Melamine and/or laminate cabinetry should not be steam cleaned.

Steam cleaning can lead to the loosening of the adhesives used on the board and will not be covered by warranty.

No abrasive cloths or substances should be used on your melamine cabinetry.


All Tiltaway Beds Mattresses are supplied by Sleepyhead. We highly recommend that you follow their guidelines regarding cleaning and mattress care. CLICK HERE TO VISIT SLEEPYHEAD WEBSITE